For Sale : Marine Services Co.


ID: #307
Price: $ 15,000,000
Contract type: For sale
Type: Engineering
Location: West
Company has a long history in Marine Services and is a Piping Specialist of about 30 years. There are 4 partners and about 300 staff in the Company.  The Company has projects up to end 2015 with major customers. Revenue is S$10 Mil with Nett Profit about S$300 K. Staff has been with the Company for a long time, some even up to 15 years. Company has 2 x 20 footer lorry, 1 x 10 footer lorry and 2 sites. Business is expected to be good as Europeans move the business to Singapore due to the higher quality workmanship following bad experiences in other parts of the world, eg China. Owners are selling as the principal shareholder is 70+ years old and want to retire. Asking price is S$15 Mil.