For Sale : Ice Cream Cafe


ID: #230
Price: $ 180,000
Contract type: For sale
Type: Food
Location: Central
Low involvement business. Business can operate without much of the owner's involvement.  This Ice Cream Cafe has both a retail arm as well as a distribution arm. The gelato is made on a daily basis so that it's always fresh and creamy. Also, the materials use do not have any colouring or preservatives in the gelato making. Great for customers who want to indulge.   The recipes for all products will be handed over to Buyer. All recipes were created by the Seller and will be sold to Buyer with no copyright issue . The Seller will also conduct training until the buyer is competent. Involvement is mainly to oversee the inventory management and creation of new flavours and marketing efforts. The Seller has sourced all raw materials necessary. Now it is just to ensure that inventory usage is monitored and do not stock out on the key ingredients. The staff does inventory checks every week. So with that, the Buyer just need to order replenishment supplies.   Most of the equipment is fairly new, about 3 years old. The main equipment like the gelato machine can easily operate for 12-15 years. Monthly usage is only about 50% of capacity.   The business does not have any major financial term loans/overdrafts/private loans. Seller is asking for $180K.